A Judge? Really?



It’s very disappointing that “You The Jury” has been pulled off the air after only two episodes. Interestingly enough, it happened at the same time that Bill O’Reilly’s show was pulled off the air as well. Here is what the presiding judge of “You The Jury” had to say about that:




A Judge? Really?



While this judge is of course entitled to her right to free speech, what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? It’s really sad and pathetic that our judicial system is run by people like her, who jump to conclusions without hearing testimony and looking over evidence. This is a judge who is highly respected by many, yet she goes and tweets that? Let alone, against HER EMPLOYER???? How many of you could tweet against your employer, accusing them of employing a racist for years? Unbelievable.

I have no reason to defend Bill O’Reilly. I’ve watched his show a handful of times and always found it to be interesting. I’m not a fan, but I do believe that if anyone, a judge should listen to the evidence before jumping to conclusions about whether or not he actually sexually harassed all of these women.

And while on the surface he looks guilty, you would think that a judge would at least want to hear both sides before jumping to a conclusion and tweeting something like that, let alone, against her EMPLOYER.

Not to mention the racist comment. Funny how she accuses Bill O’Reilly of being a racist just five days after an episode of “You The Jury” aired about RACISM, of which she was the presiding judge. Is that how she made her decisions all of her years on the bench- just jumped to conclusions before hearing the evidence, particularly when it came to someone being accused of racism?

And by the way, this so-called racist comment was one that Bill O’Reilly made comparing the hair of a black woman to the hair of a black man. If I make a rude joke comparing the hair of a white man to that of a white woman, or the hair of an Asian man to that of an Asian woman, does that make me a racist? Get out of here. Bill O’Reilly has been accused of racism his whole career, but I seriously doubt that Fox would have continued to employ him for so long if any of his comments were either directly, or even indirectly racist.

But of course, let’s ignore the fact that he helped the marching band of Talladega College, a historically black college, to raise 1/2 a million dollars so that they could afford to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. The lesson in all of this? Don’t compare one black person’s hairstyle to another, or else you are a racist.

This whole thing absolutely disgusts me. I would never defend a racist. I would never defend a man who sexually harasses women. But I do defend a person’s right to be heard and for evidence to be presented so that people can decide for themselves what they think.

I will NEVER defend a person in a position of power, ESPECIALLY a judge, someone who should have spent her entire working career listening to both sides of a story and carefully combing through evidence and testimony prior to making a public statement of opinion, given her position.

Take a close look, ladies and gentlemen. Judge Cordell is the exact reason why you should avoid getting in trouble with the law to begin with. Our judicial system is not fair, because it is run and controlled by small-minded, emotionally immature people like her who don’t perform the basic functions of her job, which is, in this case, listening to both sides of the story, hearing evidence, and then making a decision from there.


Tofu Massaman Curry


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a food video on my blog, so here is one of my all time favorites: Tofu Massaman Curry. 🙂 I like it vegetarian style, but it comes in all versions for both meat-eaters and veggies alike.

As with all dishes, there are always many different versions. This however, is my favorite way to make it. The only thing that I would add is a red chili pepper- but that’s just the kind of spicy gal that I am. Enjoy! 🙂







“You The Jury”


“You The Jury” on Fox is my new favorite show. I absolutely love the opportunity to vote on the cases presented on the program.

However, the program that aired this past Friday is a good example of how this show needs to be careful that its one hour time slot does not become an issue to the voting audience. And by issue I mean that the show has been criticized for the fact that a ‘real’ trial in a traditional courtroom takes way more than an hour and that one hour is not enough time to fairly present a case.

Despite this criticism, I do love that the evidence is presented in a condensed format. Watching a traditional trial can be extremely boring, and because it is so boring, long, and tedious, it is likely for jurors to forget details that could easily determine the outcome of a case. So actually, while I prefer the condensed format, the last episode left me with a bunch of questions that were left unanswered.








So the brief synopsis of the case is this:

Sydney Shelton and Gerod Roth were coworkers at a company called Polaris Marketing, in Atlanta, Georgia. Sydney would often bring her 3-year-old son, Cayden, to work after she picked him up from school, being that she is a single mother, and I assume that her company allowed her to bring him to work at this time (details of this were not discussed at the trial).

The office manager/HR person, Gerod Roth, was asked to look after him briefly while she was in a meeting. During this time Gerod took a selfie with Cayden and posted that photo on Facebook as his profile pic. Not long after, he received several blatantly racist comments from his Facebook friends as shown in the image below (taken from People magazine):


Racist Comments from Gerod Roth and Friends


“I didn’t know you were a slave owner.”

“Help feed this pour child today.” (He couldn’t even spell ‘poor’ correctly.)

“But Massuh, I dindu nuffin.”

“Dude, where the hell did you get a black kid?”

“The black market.”

“He was feral.” (Gerod Roth’s comment- AKA Geris Hilton)



Here is a second image taken from the Huffington Post, featuring more racist comments:


More Racist Comments


“I’ll feed you but first let me take a selfie.”

“Please tell me his name is Toby???”

“kunta…kunta kinte”


“Send him back dude those fuckers are expensive”



Here is Gerod Roth’s side of the story which aired on a local Fox News network:



Here is a portion of an apology which he posted on Facebook, as featured in a Huffington Post Article (unfortunately, it did not feature the apology in its entirety, and I haven’t figured out how to screenshot the entire thing, being that it is quite long):


Gerod Roth Apology



According to this Heavy.com article: http://heavy.com/news/2015/10/cayden-jace-gerod-roth-geris-hilton-sidney-jade-shelton-feral-hisnameiscayden-facebook-instagram/


Gerod Roth had a different response about his ‘feral’ comment. Unfortunately, the website does not allow for screenshots to be taken, otherwise I would have posted the screenshot here.



This is exactly what I mean by DETAILS. Which version of the ‘feral’ comment is true? On “You The Jury”, Gerod’s attorney claimed that they had an expert forensic analysis conducted on the Facebook comments to prove that Gerod’s ‘feral’ comment was altered. In the evidence from the forensic analysis, the apparent full comment said something along the lines of “He is feral, as all kids his age are.” So which was it?

-“He was feral.” (As seen in the above screen shots)

-“He is feral, as all kids his age are.” (Not an exact quote, but just an estimate from memory)

-“Because he was abandoned in the Atlanta projects, to fend for himself, he is deaf mute, [can’t] properly communicate and is in and out of a shelter home, that is the definition of feral.” (This is the comment mentioned in the Heavy.com article about this incident.)



The last comment was not accompanied by a screenshot in the Heavy.com article, most likely because of the deleted page from which it apparently came. There is a website that stores web pages even after they are deleted, but it is to my knowledge that users of the site have to manually save the pages prior to their deletion. I believe that in order to have more fairly determined the outcome of this case, a stored web page of the actual Facebook comment should have been presented. This apparent expert forensic analysis was suspect to me. I wasn’t fully convinced of its accuracy and integrity.

The exact wording of Gerod’s comment is a HUGELY important detail. What did he actually say? I don’t buy his whole story. The “You The Jury” case asks jurors to determine whether or not Gerod Roth intended to cause harm to Sydney Shelton by posting the picture of him and her son. Gerod claimed that he was not responsible for the actions of his friends (ie racist comments). Sydney Shelton claimed that he knew exactly what he was doing by posting that picture, and that he knew that his racist friends would take the bait and make the type of comments that they did.

My verdict?

First of all, Gerod Roth is a MORON for posting a public photo of himself and someone else’s child on the internet, especially as his profile pic. Who is stupid enough to do that? He is a parent himself of a child close in age with Cayden. He should know better. I am stunned by his stupidity.

Secondly, do you have racist friends who would post comments like his friends did? It’s highly likely that if you have a group of racist friends, that you are a racist yourself, although this was not proved in a conclusive manner in this case.

Thirdly, Gerod Roth brought in two black guys to defend his character and to ‘prove’ that he is not a racist. One of them was apparently his cousin, and the other was a friend. I would have liked to have known:

1) What is the nature of his friendship with this guy? How long have they known each other, and in what capacity?

2) I would have liked the defense to have proven that this other black guy was really his cousin, not just some paid person or a friend of the family who he calls a cousin. I would also have liked to have known the nature of the relationship with his cousin. Is he someone he associates with on a regular basis, or was he just paid to be there?

Fourthly, while Sydney Shelton’s attorney presented a strong case, in my opinion, he failed to prove that Gerod Roth INTENDED to hurt Sydney by posting the photo. He did succeed however in proving that:

a) Gerod is a moron;
b) Gerod is more than likely a racist.

Lastly, as a juror, I would liked to have seen an exact timeline of the events, the credentials of the person and organization who conducted this apparent expert forensic analysis on the actual Facebook comments, and I would have most importantly liked to have seen receipts of Gerod’s apparent ‘camping trip’.

The camping trip I am referring to is the trip that Gerod mentioned that he made when asked why he did not delete this post right away. He waited two whole weeks before actually deleting his post, which was one of the strongest arguments for why he intended to harm Sydney Shelton. When asked why he did not delete the post, he said that he was on a camping trip and that where he was there was spotty reception–so he didn’t see the racist comments until after he got back from his trip. This sounded like a load of ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT to me. However, to give him the benefit of the doubt, this is why I would liked to have seen the exact timeline of the comments and responses as well as any receipts and witness testimony to this apparent camping trip.

Final Verdict:

Gerod seems like a liar. His story was inconsistent, his evidence to support himself was far-fetched, particularly his whole “I was on a camping trip” story. Nothing he presented justified the fact that he waited two whole weeks to delete the post. Even if he did not initially intend to hurt Sydney by posting the photo, I believe that he purposefully ended up hurting her by waiting two whole weeks to delete the post. That was the clincher for me.

I think the attorney for the plaintiff failed to prove conclusively that Gerod intended to hurt Sydney, but I voted for Sydney anyway because Gerod just seems like a total liar. Even if he did not originally intend to hurt Sydney, he ended up doing so by not taking the post down immediately. His bogus story about the camping trip was not proven to be true; there was no evidence presented that this trip actually took place. He wasn’t on this apparent camping trip for two whole weeks, so there is no excuse as to why he waited that long to take the post down.

Finally, he deserves to be punished for posting a picture of someone else’s child on the internet without the parent’s permission. As we speak, people are fighting to get this to become a law; that adults should be held legally responsible for posting photos of minors on the internet without parent or guardian consent. It is common sense and common courtesy to refrain from posting photos of other people’s children without consent from the child’s parent or guardian. Shame on Gerod Roth for posting the picture in the first place. If he used a bit of common sense, none of this would have ever happened.




Aplonia Koedam: Angel


Aplonia Koedam is the type of person that we need to celebrate in this society. She is the type of person that I want to be learning from and who is an example of what it is to be an exceptional human being. She was an angel on earth when this interview was filmed, and now she is a heavenly angel of the truest kind.